The Sleeper Project is a project I commenced in 2011. This blog is the continual journal of the process, with illustrations and text explanations.
Gauge Cluster

Long time no see.

Inspired by tim510 (a user on a forum I visit), a gauge panel! This is to replace the silly tape deck.
Tape Deck

It all started with a sheet of aluminium - jigsawed to size. It helps if you take the section of the dashboard out so it’s a little easier to cut to size. You need to take out the whole centre console to do this though, however will take less than 5-10 mins to do so, and you can return it back in the meantime.

I used a manila folder to use as a template to cut the panel out with, just made things a tad easier and more accurate.

Gauge & Cut-Out Panel

Where it's going.

New Panel

With a bit of a dummy fit, it all looked like it was going to fit fairly swell.Dummy Fit

Dummy Fit 2

Then, holes were drilled into the edges. 3 holes on each side for self tappers are quite adequate.

Then, with a 53mm hole saw, cut the holes into the panel. They’re a bit loose, and you gotta file the edges out once you’re finished. But it’s alright.
Holes Drilled

I bought some 3M Carbon Fibre Film off eBay for $10.50, it’s the size of an A4 sheet (it’s expensive stuff).Carbon Film Applied

I tried 2 methods of cutting out the holes through the film, the one on the left seemed the best.
Film Applied - Opposite Side

The final product looks pretty swell with the screws painted black also. If I had another go at this i’d do a better job, it was a little bit slapped together. Oh well, it looks cool.
Finished Product

Finished ProductBoth gauges are illuminated, the vacuum one isn’t designed to be illuminated, but the (once again, LED) light shines through a bit. The fuel gauge isn’t wired up yet, and possibly won’t be, I like the peace of mind of the original gauge being accurate.